Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Italian Themed Art Exhibit

I have a art exhibit starting this weekend at Pane E Formaggio (4532 West 10th Avenue). (February and March)

I will be showing a series of my watercolour paintings of places that I have visited in Italy while on vacation. I take lots of pictures and use them as reference for my paintings.

First here is a painting of statues in the Piazza Comunale of Montepulciano in Tuscany:

"I was only kidding!" 2013 
11" X 14", $280, framed

Below is a painting of part of the Piazza dell' Anfiteatro, a unique elliptical-shaped plaza in the old centre of Lucca which follows the outline of the old Roman Arena. This is my latest painting:

"Lunchtime in Lucca", 2013
11" X 14", $280 (framed)

A pathway leading to fortress in a hilltop town in Umbria:

"Path of Light", 2012
7.5" X 10.5", $180 (framed)

A quiet street in another Umbrian town.

"Taking the Path Less Travelled", 2012
9" X 12", $200, framed

A piazza and restaurant in Umbria:

"Your Table is Ready", 2012
14" X 11", $280 (framed)

An archway leads to a restaurant in Sorento, Italy:

"Welcome All", 2012
14" X 11", $280 (framed)

Conical stone houses, called trulli, in Alberobella in the Puglia region of Italy:

"Truly Trulli", 2012
11" X 14", $280 (framed)

For more information about any of these works please contact me using the contact tab above or at 

In other art news, my painting "Masked" was accepted into the juried show "Works on Paper" at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island. You can view the whole exhibit at the gallery from February 5 to 17, 2013, or visit the online gallery and view the current exhibition. 

Thank you for stopping by ............ Gillian


  1. Impressive! You're extremely talented.

    We'll be on a cruise in June (a first) for 10 days visiting parts of Italy, Turkey and Greece.

  2. Thanks for this look at your art exhibit. I like your art very much.

  3. What a luscious atmosphere your paintings will add to Pane e Formaggio. A sweet taste of la bella Italia.

  4. Beautiful artwork, Gillian. Thanks for allowing us to see your masterly paintings online - the next best thing to seeing them in person!