Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Encore at the seashore ....

We have had some beautiful spring weather recently, a great time to walk along the seashore or on the beach at low tide.

This week I finished another painting with a seashore theme. This time a picture of barnacles, and these ones were each as big as my fist. The painting is inspired by a photograph I took while visiting Cortes Island, they are even bigger on the shores of Haida Gwaii.

Once again this is a watercolour, called "Barnacles and Hearts". Why hearts you may ask, well when I was drawing this one I noticed some heart shapes in the barnacles and decided to add even more as I painted.

Here it is:

"Barnacles and Hearts"
watercolour, 14" X 11"
framed, $300

This is another poured watercolour painting.

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