Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Here's whats new!

Here are two new paintings that I have added to my exhibit at Pane e Formaggio:

The first was inspired by a David Grimble photograph. It is typical scene from a small town in France with narrow cobble or paving stone paths, and archways leading to brick and stone houses. A red door adds distinction to this one.

 "The Red Door", 2013
11" X 14", watercolour
$280 (framed)

The towns in Puglia are rich with sculptural details, one such detail on a public building inspired this painting, which I named "L'osservatore" (The Watcher):

 "L'osservatore", 2013
14" X 10", watercolour
$260 (framed)

The exhibit at Pane e Formaggio ends March 18, 2013.

Thank you for visiting my art blog, follow the contact link above for more information on these and other works.


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