Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Teddies and Tigers at Image West

The Teddy and Tiger series of watercolour paintings is now on display at Image West Hair Salon at 2885 West Broadway in Vancouver (half a block west of McDonald Street on Broadway).

"The Games' Afoot" 2009 
11" X 10", $225, framed 
Sherlock Holmes theme teddies and tiger painting

"Are We There Yet?" 2009 
11" X 10", $225, framed
The inevitable question on any road trip.

"Storytyme Magic" 2009 
11" X 10", $225, framed
Everyone enjoys storytime.

"Something isn the Air" 2011 
11" X 10", $200, framed
Teddies and tiger painting; reaction after stuffed animal (centre) farts.

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